The son wanted to take his father to a ball game,

not that he loved baseball all that much,

but realized on some inarticulate level

time was running out on a better relationship

with the man he didn’t know all that well.

The son planned the day with care –

good seats, what topics to cover.

To be sure, there were some subjects to avoid,

like his father’s criticism of his choice of a career,

his father’s distance from the son’s new wife.

(Wasn’t he always kind of distant?)

But troubling questions faded in the

resplendent light of a cheering stadium.

The food was delicious; the home team even won.

The currency of the language was the game itself.

“Why didn’t they bunt then?’

“When will they bring in a new pitcher?”

The son was surprised how much baseball his father knew.

On the trip home he thought it a good day,

but realized with a start, he and his father

were no closer now, but then again,

They weren’t further apart either.